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Saturday, 01 February 2014 16:00

Osso Buco Recipe

We are going to have to try this recipe with our Osso Buco cuts. The cuts are looking so delicious that we went online and found a recipe to try. Were going to get most of the ingredients from the High Desert Farmers Market on Thursday so we can make this. Once we have tried it, we will repost with pictures. So excited. Comment with your experience on this recipe.

Sunday, 09 March 2014 17:00

How to Cook Chuck Steak

We have many cuts of meat, but one of the cuts that people really don't know how to prepare is Chuck Steak. In fact, it is actually really easy. It is not a very tender cut, but you could do some simply techniques to make it that tender piece of meat.

First you can marinade it in simple steak marinade. The steak marinade that you could purchase from the store already have the acidic ingredients that break down the meat. Or you could just make a marinade with ingredients that you may have at home. It has to contain a fruit acid or vinegar.

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