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Real Country Meat is glad to provide purchasing Cows, Pigs, and Chickens in bulk. All our animals are raised on our farm so we know exactly how each animal is handled and cared for. Each animal is never given anything that is not natural to this earth. They are well maintained with plenty of shade and fresh well water and never exposed to any stress. We take lots of pride in how our animals are raised. Now we are please to extend it to your family.

Wholes & Halves

  • Whole Cows $3,500 (Not Including Processing)
  • Half cows $1,900 (Not Including Processing)
  • Quarter is available. Please inquire with Leah.      
  • Whole Pigs $800     
  • Half Pigs $450 (Not Including Processing) 
  • Quarter is available. Please inquire with Leah.
  • Whole Chickens $7 per lb. (Includes the liver, heart, neck, and gizzard)





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